Wednesday, April 23, 2014


April 6: Collegiate National Championships

UC Berkeley, CA

April 12: Rocky Mountain Collegiate Championships

CSU, Ft. Collins

April 26-27: Sport Poomsae Seminar (click for PDF)

Saturday (Black Belts and Certification) and Sunday (Color Belts) @CTA

May 10: AAU Qaulifier

Hosted by Master Tiger Kim (click here)

May 17: ESA Attitude for Gold

See the Registration Info

June 7th: Colorado International Classic Taekwondo Open

Hosted by Master Yosvany. See more info.

July 2-7: USAT Nationals

San Jose, CA

Aug 23: Ninja Mile and Martial Arts Festival

Check out the Facebook Page for this new event.

2007 COSTA Results

2007 USAT Taekwondo Nationals Sparring Medallists

Black Belt

(World Class divisions unless noted otherwise)

Kylee Baker, 12-13 (Fin) Bronze

Sara Fossum, 18-32 Elite (Feather) Bronze

Brittany Coyne, 14-17 (Fin) Silver

Jake Kelly, 10-11 (Fly) Bronze

Ally Creel, 14-17 (Welter) Bronze

Stephanie Popken, 14-17 (Fin) Bronze

Tanner Creel, 14-17 (Fin) Silver

Aaron Porras, 14-17 (Bantam) Bronze

Ned Davis, 18-32 Elite (Fin) Bronze

Cade Schacher, 18-32 Elite (Welter) Silver

Nico Delgado, 18-32 (Feather) Gold




Colored Belt

(Note that 14-15 and 16-17 are all Elite divisions)

Michael Baker, 16-17  Green (Middle) Gold

Isabella Michel, 16-17 Blue (Bantam) Gold

Patrick Bales-Parks, 16-17 Red  (Welter) Bronze

Alexander Kukura, 12-13 Blue (Heavy) Bronze (World)

Jake Baumann, 12-13 Red (Fly) Gold (Elite), Gold (World)

Shaked Rosenthal, 14-15 Blue (Fin) Bronze

Frederick Braun, 14-15 Red (Fin) Gold

Kellen Scarboro, 8-9 Blue (Fin) Silver (World)

Nicole Chandler, 12-13 Red (Fin) Gold (World)

Malik Taylor, 10-11 Blue (Bantam) Gold (World)

Tia Day, 10-11 Blue (Bantam) Silver (World)

Truman Walker, 12-13 Blue (Heavy) Gold (Elite), Gold (World)

Lucas Degraca, 14-15 Green (Fly) Bronze

Cameron Wogrin, 10-11 Green (Fin) Bronze (Elite)

Zach Disalvo, 14-15 Blue (Bantam) Silver

Colin Wogrin, 12-13 Green (Fin) Gold (Elite)

Hannah Grothe, 12-13 Blue (Fin) Gold (World)

Mikaela Zinn, 10-11 Blue (Bantam) Gold (Elite)

Jordan Hartman, 10-11 Blue (Bantam) Bronze (Elite)


2007 AAU Taekwondo Nationals Sparring Medallists

Black Belt


Jacob Amerman, 14-17 (129.8) Gold

Christina Martinez, 14-17 (149.6) Silver

Nikolas Carey, 14-17 JSR (121) Bronze

Ryan McCulloch, 14-17 (121) Gold

Sean Carlton, 18-34 (147.4) Gold

Bret Mischlich, 18-34 (147.4) Bronze

Melissa Dang, 14-17 (92.3) Silver

Matt Stefanski, 18-34 (127.6) Gold

Ned Davis, 14-17 (112.2) Bronze

Ethan Tiburcio 10-11 (65) Gold

Jacinta Hemlock, 14-17 JSR (107.8) Silver

Stefan Webb, 18-34 (158.4) Silver

Stephanie MacKay, 18-34 (129.3) Silver

Alexander White, 18-34 (Heavy) Silver

Novice / Intermediate / Advanced


Michael Baker 14-17 I (Heavy) Silver

Spencer Tiburcio 8-9 I (55) Silver

Tajuan Hamilton 12-13 N (87) Bronze

Erin Tirpak 8-9 I (55) Bronze

Tyler Lindbloom 10-11 I (78) Bronze

Quinn Tirpak 10-11 A (65) Bronze

Full Results (including forms and point sparring - courtesy of D. Genella)

2007 US Open Sparring Medallists

Brittany Coyne, 14-17, Fin, Silver

Aaron Porras, 14-17, Bantam,  Bronze

Ally Creel, 14-17, Welter, Gold


2nd Vice President

Master Ramil Abratique


Phone:720 876-8501


Master Andre DeOlivera


Phone: (303) 227-7466

1st Vice-President

Master Mike Newby

Phone: 720 413 9717