Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oct 18th: CTA Mile High Open TKD Championship

Visit the CTA website for more information

November 8th: Rocky Mountain Collegiate Fall Championships

College students only - hosted by CU Boulder TKD

November 15th: Colorado High School Taekwondo League Championships

Current High School students only - hosted KC Taekwondo

2007 COSTA Results

2007 USAT Taekwondo Nationals Sparring Medallists

Black Belt

(World Class divisions unless noted otherwise)

Kylee Baker, 12-13 (Fin) Bronze

Sara Fossum, 18-32 Elite (Feather) Bronze

Brittany Coyne, 14-17 (Fin) Silver

Jake Kelly, 10-11 (Fly) Bronze

Ally Creel, 14-17 (Welter) Bronze

Stephanie Popken, 14-17 (Fin) Bronze

Tanner Creel, 14-17 (Fin) Silver

Aaron Porras, 14-17 (Bantam) Bronze

Ned Davis, 18-32 Elite (Fin) Bronze

Cade Schacher, 18-32 Elite (Welter) Silver

Nico Delgado, 18-32 (Feather) Gold




Colored Belt

(Note that 14-15 and 16-17 are all Elite divisions)

Michael Baker, 16-17  Green (Middle) Gold

Isabella Michel, 16-17 Blue (Bantam) Gold

Patrick Bales-Parks, 16-17 Red  (Welter) Bronze

Alexander Kukura, 12-13 Blue (Heavy) Bronze (World)

Jake Baumann, 12-13 Red (Fly) Gold (Elite), Gold (World)

Shaked Rosenthal, 14-15 Blue (Fin) Bronze

Frederick Braun, 14-15 Red (Fin) Gold

Kellen Scarboro, 8-9 Blue (Fin) Silver (World)

Nicole Chandler, 12-13 Red (Fin) Gold (World)

Malik Taylor, 10-11 Blue (Bantam) Gold (World)

Tia Day, 10-11 Blue (Bantam) Silver (World)

Truman Walker, 12-13 Blue (Heavy) Gold (Elite), Gold (World)

Lucas Degraca, 14-15 Green (Fly) Bronze

Cameron Wogrin, 10-11 Green (Fin) Bronze (Elite)

Zach Disalvo, 14-15 Blue (Bantam) Silver

Colin Wogrin, 12-13 Green (Fin) Gold (Elite)

Hannah Grothe, 12-13 Blue (Fin) Gold (World)

Mikaela Zinn, 10-11 Blue (Bantam) Gold (Elite)

Jordan Hartman, 10-11 Blue (Bantam) Bronze (Elite)


2007 AAU Taekwondo Nationals Sparring Medallists

Black Belt


Jacob Amerman, 14-17 (129.8) Gold

Christina Martinez, 14-17 (149.6) Silver

Nikolas Carey, 14-17 JSR (121) Bronze

Ryan McCulloch, 14-17 (121) Gold

Sean Carlton, 18-34 (147.4) Gold

Bret Mischlich, 18-34 (147.4) Bronze

Melissa Dang, 14-17 (92.3) Silver

Matt Stefanski, 18-34 (127.6) Gold

Ned Davis, 14-17 (112.2) Bronze

Ethan Tiburcio 10-11 (65) Gold

Jacinta Hemlock, 14-17 JSR (107.8) Silver

Stefan Webb, 18-34 (158.4) Silver

Stephanie MacKay, 18-34 (129.3) Silver

Alexander White, 18-34 (Heavy) Silver

Novice / Intermediate / Advanced


Michael Baker 14-17 I (Heavy) Silver

Spencer Tiburcio 8-9 I (55) Silver

Tajuan Hamilton 12-13 N (87) Bronze

Erin Tirpak 8-9 I (55) Bronze

Tyler Lindbloom 10-11 I (78) Bronze

Quinn Tirpak 10-11 A (65) Bronze

Full Results (including forms and point sparring - courtesy of D. Genella)

2007 US Open Sparring Medallists

Brittany Coyne, 14-17, Fin, Silver

Aaron Porras, 14-17, Bantam,  Bronze

Ally Creel, 14-17, Welter, Gold


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Master Ramil Abratique

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