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Oct 18th: CTA Mile High Open TKD Championship

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November 8th: Rocky Mountain Collegiate Fall Championships

College students only - hosted by CU Boulder TKD

November 15th: Colorado High School Taekwondo League Championships

Current High School students only - hosted KC Taekwondo

COSTA Results from 2009

Changing of the Guard

COSTA held its largest annual meeting in recent memory on Sat. Dec. 19th.  The main piece of new business was elections of new officers, with the following results:

  • President - Angel Aranzamendi
  • Vice Presidents - Bob McKenna and Darin Carr
  • Secretary - Steven Noi
  • Treasurer - Ian Mitchell

Post-Election Letter from Master Aranzamendi

Treasurer’s Report



Toronto Open

Colorado state team members Tanner Creel and Stephanie Popken beat some formidable opponents and picked up gold medals at the Toronto Open this past weekend (Nov 14-15).  Tanner won in the Junior Light/Welter division while Stephanie won in the Senior Fin/Fly division.  Stephanie Popken also received silver in the Junior Fin/Fly division. State team members Jacob Amerman and Ally Creel won their first matches handily but went down in their second matches. Colorado athlete Tia Day won a bronze in 12-13 blackbelt (both forms and sparring).

Four Colorado Grand Champions at the Rocky Mountain Open

The USAT’s Rocky Mountain Open was held over the weekend (Nov 7-8) at the OTC in Colorado Springs. Colorado athlete Alfonso Flores was sparring Grand Champion in the 14-17 Male division, while brother Jose Flores was sparring Grand Champion in the 18-32 male division. Hannah Grothe was the female forms Grand Champion, while Brett Lyons won male forms. Excellent work!

Full results here:


 2009 COSTA Forms Tournament

Big thanks go to all referees and other volunteers at the tournament.  There were approximately 55 registrants, the majority of which participated in multiple events. Major contingents came from Eagle Spirit Academy (Littleton) , Han Lee's US Taekwondo Academy (Castle Rock), and Pro-TKD (Carbondale), while many other schools were also well represented.  The tournament provided much-needed funding to send the State Team to the next US Open.

Four martial arts swords were presented to the top junior (up to 15) color belt, senior (16+) color belt, junior black belt, and senior black belt.  The grand champions were:

  • Color Belt, 15 and under:  Alex Zavala
  • Color Belt, 16+: Jane Lapin and Chris Waldmann
  • Black Belt, 15 and under: Aldo Pinela
  • Black Bet, 16+: Jordan Tribble



Here are a few more candid shots from the tournament.

Brian Gallagher

Good luck to Brian Gallagher who will be competing Friday, Oct 16th at the Taekwondo World Championships being held in Denmark. His division has 82 competitors. Brian will get a bye the first round to the group of 64. From there it’s only 6 wins to Gold! See the USAT site or the tournament web site for brackets, results, and links to Web TV.

In case you missed it, there was a nice write-up in the local newspapers about Brian Gallagher.  It described his training regimen and philosophies as he prepares for the Taekwondo World Championships. Full article (with online slideshow) here:

Three Colorado Athletes Make AAU Team

The AAU wrapped up its 2010 team selection process this weekend (Sep 11-13) with team trials in Ft. Lauderdale.  Two Colorado junior athletes made it:  Alfonzo Flores (Light) and Jose Flores (Welter).  Darcy Kimmich won her Middle-weight division for the Senior Team. Congratulations!

Tony Genella on AAU Cadet Team

Tony Genella qualified for the first AAU “Cadet Team”, composed of 10-11 and 12-13 black-belts who won their divisions at AAU Nationals this summer. The winners will have the opportunity to participate in training camps to be announced later, along with letters of recognition. Congratulations!

Ally Creel Wins Competition for the USAT U-24 Team

On Friday (Aug 21) USAT held its open competition at the OTC for its first “U-24” Team.  The single-elimination competition was open to senior black belts up to age 23 who are not on the USAT national team. Congratulations to Ally Creel for securing a spot on the team in the women’s middleweight division. The other Colorado state team captain, Stefan Webb, also fought well that day, narrowly losing in the finals.  The team will be going to Korea in November for training with several Korean university teams.

Here’s a few pictures:

Minutes from COSTA Officers Meeting

The minutes from the COSTA officers meeting on July 25th are now available here.  Note that dates have been chosen for a number of events.  Although not listed in the minutes, the next Colorado State Taekwondo Championship will likely be in October, 2010. The officers felt that since the spring becomes crowded with many tournaments and qualifiers, it would be beneficial to hold future state championships in October.  Final decisions will be made by the COSTA board elected in November.  This October, a Han Ma Dang competition will instead be held. These are competitions that focus more on the traditional side of martial arts, with various poomse, creative forms, board breaking, and similar events . See the Events page for further info and updates as they become available.


Colorado Results from USAT National Competition

The following Colorado athletes medalled at the USAT Junior Olympics and Senior Nationals in Austin (June 30 - July 5)


2009 USAT Nationals

  Junior Olympic Sparring

Tanner Creel

14-17 Black Light-Middle: Silver

Bryce DeGraca

GR 12-13 Blue: Gold

Lucas DeGraca

GR 16-17 Blue: Bronze

Jaire Fortt

GR 16-17 Red Welter: Gold

Arturo Fuentes

GR 12-13 Red:  Bronze

K Gordillo

GR 14-15 Yellow: Gold

Adrian Herman

8-9 Blue Middle: Bronze

Jake Kelley

12-13 Black: Silver

Grace Kosloski

6-7 Green Fly: Silver

Joshua Kosloski

8-9 Blue Fly:  Gold

Joe Law

GR 14-15 Red Welter: Gold

Marcus Risley

GR 8-9 Green Fin:  Silver

T Stutzenberg

GR 6-7 Blue Heavy: Gold

Malik Taylor

12-13 Black: Bronze

K Teetsel

8-9 Yellow Light:  Gold

2009 USAT Nationals

  Senior Olympic Sparring

Ally Creel

18-32 Black Welter:  Gold

Ryan McCulloch

18-32 Black Bantam: Silver

James Moontasri

18-32 Black Welter:  Gold

Steven Ostrander

18-32 Black Heavy: Gold

Donovan Rider

18-32 Black Feather: Silver

Junior Forms

Tanner Creel

14-17 Black: Gold

Tia Day

12-13 Black: Silver

Lucas DeGraca

16-17 Blue:  Gold

Arturo Fuentes

12-13 Red: Bronze

K Gordillo

14-15 Yellow:  Silver

Hannah Grothe

14-17 Black: Gold

Jake Kelley

12-13 Black: Gold

Grace Koslowski

6-7 Green: Bronze

Joshua Kosloski

8-9 Blue:  Silver

Stephanie Popken

14-17 Black: Gold

Malik Taylor

12-13 Black: Gold
























Colorado Results from AAU National Competition

A full list of Colorado medallists from the AAU National Taekwondo Championships in Ft Lauderdale (June 29-July 4) are now available here (courtesy D. Genella).  Good job!



2nd Vice President

Master Ramil Abratique


Phone:720 876-8501


Master Andre DeOlivera


Phone: (303) 227-7466

1st Vice-President

Master Mike Newby

Phone: 720 413 9717